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VK Hats

vk! hats club
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are you a fan of hats and visualkei style? if so, then welcome. share your VK hat love here. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask either 21stcherryboy or traumerei.

to members: please lock all your posts. (put the security level to friends.)

atsushi's pimp hat, bowlers, buck-tick, cowboy hats, crowns, decadence, dir en grey, excellent style, fabulous fashion, fashionable headwear, feathers, fedoras, floppy hats, full the hat king, guniw tools, hats, hide's cowboy hat, imai's cowboy hat, interesting hat graffitti, kaoru's dead fox, kiyoharu's cowboy hat, kyo's cowboy hat, nookicky, plastic tree, rolly's red bucket hat, ryuutarou's tophat & crown, scanch, shima-chang's wad of tulle, stylish rogues, toll's top hats, top hats, visual kei, visual rockers in hats, x japan